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Tag: Processing

Processing (in terms of introverts and extroverts) is about the way we tend to think. Introverts tend to process internally and extroverts tend to process externally. This can cause issues in business, and these pages explore these issues.

Why is world introvert day relevant?

Why is world introvert day relevant?

World introvert day is relevant because a third to a half of your staff are introverts. Maybe you’re fed up with raising awareness for different categories of people where the category only a small percentage of the whole, or you just don’t think...
Toilet rolls and introversion

Toilet rolls and introversion

What are you on about Jon, what have toilet rolls got to do with introversion? It’s OK, I’ve not totally lost the plot, the toilet rolls are a metaphor to help explain one aspect of introversion that confuses many people (although I hope you don’t start worrying...
Introversion: Collaboration and diversity of thought.

Getting your answer into the conversation

Do you hate being talked over? I suspect everybody does, introvert and extrovert. However, introverts suffer it more than most. This episode is about why introverts don’t always get to answer the questions they were asked (without somebody answering it for them)...

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