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Virtual networking for introverts

Virtual networking for introverts

Isn’t it embarrassing to “relearn” something you knew?  It’s even worse when it’s something you get others to do and you realise your error as somebody asks you a question? A couple of months into lockdown that was me.  I was embarrassed...
Ideas for virtual team events

Ideas for virtual team events

Perhaps you’ve decided that you need to do some “team building” (although click here to read about why it might be waste of time first), but you want to do it virtually. How can you make it work? Here’s some ideas for virtual team events, to...
Now’s the time for team building.

Now’s the time for team building.

Businesses have been severely disrupted over the last few months, yet budgets are tight and workloads high. Why would you think about improving your team effectiveness at the moment? Why is it so important to bring teams together now? Many people are worried about...

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