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Tag: Confidence

Confidence is important in business, and something that many introverts perceive they don’t demonstrate. Being introverted is not about confidence, you can learn to have more confidence.

Introversion, from a Psychological coach

Introversion, from a Psychological coach

This week’s episode of Activate Your Introvert contains an interview with Navjeet Grewal, psychological coach. We discuss her perspective on Introversion and some of the links between confidence and introversion. Being an introvert doesn’t mean you’re not...

How to develop gravitas

How should an introvert develop gravitas and why is it important to do so?  This week’s Introvert radio show’s guest star is gravitas expert Antoinette Dale-Henderson. Another silly #introvert myth busted as there is no reason why an introvert cannot have...
Introversion, from a Psychological coach

NOT Stepping out of your comfort zone

You’ve probably heard of the concept of our comfort zone, the place where we feel…err comfortable? I often hear people saying that to grow or change one needs to break through, or jump out of one’s comfort zone. As introverts are sometimes assumed to...
7 tips to boost your self confidence

7 tips to boost your self confidence

If you want to boost your self confidence this article has seven tips to help. But as a starting point consider that being an introvert is not the same as lacking confidence, that’s a common misconception. You may also like to read “Are introverts...

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