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Recognising and believing lies

Recognising and believing lies

I am a liar, but before you think too harshly of me – I think you’re a liar too. There, that’s said! Some of my lies As a parent I can clearly remember trying to get my son to sit further away from the television, You will get square eyes unless you...
Networking tips from Will Kintish

Networking tips from Will Kintish

This week’s interviewee is Will Kintish, a UK leading authority in Business Networking Skills training. Will shows people how to become effective online networkers and when we resume face to face networking he’ll be helping with face-to-face networking...
Toilet rolls and introversion

Toilet rolls and introversion

What are you on about Jon, what have toilet rolls got to do with introversion? It’s OK, I’ve not totally lost the plot, the toilet rolls are a metaphor to help explain one aspect of introversion that confuses many people (although I hope you don’t start worrying...

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