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Meetings are a core part of modern business, but many meetings are managed in ways that exclude, demotivate introverts. The result is that these meetings don’t get all the views, don’t engage all the people- yet there are actions you could take to change this.

Small talk hell and how to survive it.

Small talk hell and how to survive it.

Most introverts hate small talk, preferring deeper “more meaningful” conversations. Some introverts feel uncomfortable at the very thought of joining in with small talk, others avoid it. Here’s 8 tips to survive small talk hell, and why introverts don’t like it in the...
What’s the problem with meetings?

What’s the problem with meetings?

Ask a businessperson to come to a meeting and the likely response is, at the very least, a sinking feeling in the stomach. What’s your immediate reaction? What would make you feel worse, and what would make it feel less like you’re about to waste a few hours...

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