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Category: Managing Introverts

What’s the best way to manage an introvert? This is important when you consider that a 67% of introverts report feeling disadvantaged at work; meaning you could get more performance from them.

Stereotypes, journalism and introversion

Stereotypes, journalism and introversion

Introverts are more romantic Understanding introverts in your team And an interview with Canadian Journalist Sarah Moore Sarah is a journalist in Nova Scotia who recently wrote a brilliant article about introversion in journalism and the myth that all journalists must...
Why is world introvert day relevant?

Why is world introvert day relevant?

World introvert day is relevant because a third to a half of your staff are introverts. Maybe you’re fed up with raising awareness for different categories of people where the category only a small percentage of the whole, or you just don’t think...
Christmas gifts for your introverts

Christmas gifts for your introverts

You have (of course) introverts in your team and you may have realised that there are some areas where managing different people in your team is good for team performance. But have you ever thought about introverts at Christmas? Parties, social gathering, more noise,...

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