Why is world introvert day relevant?

by Dec 29, 2020Managing Introverts

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World introvert day is relevant because a third to a half of your staff are introverts. Maybe you’re fed up with raising awareness for different categories of people where the category only a small percentage of the whole, or you just don’t think it’s relevant. But here’s a couple of reasons do change your mind.

Why have world introvert day

  1. Raising awareness of introverts: From introvert to extrovert is a spectrum, with about a third being at the introvert end. What’s more many of them are not fully productive due to the culture and communication in the company they work for.
  2. Understanding introverts: If all you do is learn one small thing about introversion or change one habit that would allow your introverts to respond more easily to you, your productivity goes up and world introvert day was worth it.

What one habit could you change?

This does, of course, depend on what habits you already have and what you need to change! Some small things that other’s have usefully changed, which led to them having more cohesive teams which delivered more included:

  • Realising extravert bias: In many firms there’s an assumption that extroverts are better at many roles. Introverts can make great managers, leaders, sales people and presenters. Just challenge yourself each time you think about your “best” team members. Ask yourself if it’s a bias that holds true when you dig deeper.
  • Managing meetings: Most meetings in most companies waste time, especially remote meetings. The reason is often the way they’re run, which often suits extraverts (there’s that bias again). Share around the meeting management, so you listen and participate rather than manage.
  • Hold back: If there’s a small number of people in your team who hog most of the discussion time, hold them back so you can get more from your introverts.
  • Give the gift of time: Each time you find yourself asking for immediate answers, whether in a meeting, or one to one discussion, ask yourself if that really is the best way. Challenge yourself to get the data and main questions out in advance. This will help the internal processing introverts and get you a better overall team result.
  • Consider confidence: Confidence has two aspects, external and internal. Just because somebody doesn’t exude confidence (external) doesn’t mean they’re not. When comparing, planning, delegating or challenging, consider internal confidence.

The power of one

At this time of year (New Year) it’s easy to think in terms of goals and grandiose plans. They often don’t work.

Instead aim for something far smaller, aim to develop one relevant habit. Perhaps ask for (a) team member to help. One habit delivered, can be very powerful.

There are many things a leader could do to improve their leadership skills and get more from their whole team. What’s your one? How will world introvert day make a difference to your business?

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