Staying top of the boss’ mind

In this week's episode Chelsey Brooke and I discuss how you can stay top of the boss's mind, so that you can more easily be promoted, despite being an introvert.

Staying top of the boss’ mind

Activate Your Introvert. The weekly podcast for intropreneurs and leaders to improve business productivity, though better understanding introversion. Press play below. Approx. duration 15 minutes.

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Introverts are as diligent, ambitious and hard working as extroverts. But some people don’t realise that, as introverts tend to not say a lot about what they’re working on, or have achieved as they don’t like bragging.

So how do you stay top of the bosses mind, so you can more easily be promoted or get that new project? The trend to virtual meetings, can make this even harder.

This week’s podcast is a discussion I had with fellow introvert expert Chelsey Brooke


Activate Your Introvert

A weekly podcast for introverts and those who manage or lead introverts. Examining, by interviewing different subject experts, how to improve the performance of introverts in business. It's not just a show for introverts, it's also about managing introverts more effectively.

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Chelsey Brooke

expert on Introverts and performance coach.
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