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Activate Your Introvert
Activate Your Introvert

For non-introverts

Improve your team’s productivity. A 1/3rd of most teams are introverts, inadvertently discouraged from performing well.

This week’s show

For introverts

How you can be more confident, productive, and successful in business. Without pretending to be extroverted!


This week’s show

Introversion and Neuroscience

Does introversion exist outside the mind of "quiet people"? This episode of Activate Your Introvert explores introversion and neuroscience with Sabrina Ahmed.

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Thank you Jon for such fascinating insights into understanding both introverts and extroverts and how they each might respond differently in various situations. Busting the myths about introverts is so powerful, especially as they are generally based on incorrect assumptions! All your speakers highlight different aspects that all contribute to a greater understanding of the value of each individual.

Trudy Cooper

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