Facilitation skills and introversion

In this week's episode we discuss improving business meetings for the whole team (including introverts) by better facilitation.

Facilitation skills and introversion

Activate Your Introvert. The weekly radio show for intropreneurs and leaders to improve business productivity, by a better of understanding introversion. Press play below. Approx. duration 15 minutes.

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This week’s interview

In this week’s show I’m talking to Helen Jewell. Helen is a professional facilitator and she’s on the leadership team at the International Association of Facilitators for the UK.

We will be talking about the skills of a facilitator and sharing some tips on how to be heard in meetings – as an introvert as well as how to run your own meetings more effectively.

Not only a great interview

There’s this week’s leadership tip of the week – zip it.

and the introvert myth of the week – Introverts don’t like team building

Introvert Myth

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Helene Jewell

Helene Jewell is a professional facilitator who runs her own business and is on the leadership board for the International Association of Facilitators in the UK
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A weekly radio show for introverts and those who manage or lead introverts. Examining, by interviewing different subject experts, how to improve the performance of introverts in business. It's not just a show for introverts, it's also about managing introverts more effectively.

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