Impostor syndrome and introversion

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Impostor syndrome and introversion

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Have you ever suffered from “impostor syndrome”, thinking you’ll be found out and that you’re not as good as others think you are? Impostor syndrome is something many people struggle with and many introverts talk about it. BUT – it is not just an introvert problem as this week’s interview makes clear. This episode explores impostor syndrome with researcher and impostor syndrome expert Lindsey Sharratt.

Leadership tip of the week

How can you help your team members increase their self confidence? This can apply to introverts and extroverts in your team, although many people seem to apply it to introverts more readily. There’s three steps discussed in this episode. More about helping others be more confident here.

Introvert myth of the week

“Introverts can’t run meetings”, as they’re too quiet! Guess what I think of that one! Let’s explore what skills ARE required for running meetings and see how they line up with introversion.

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Activate Your Introvert

A weekly radio show for introverts and those who manage or lead introverts. Examining, by interviewing different subject experts, how to improve the performance of introverts in business. It’s not just a show for introverts, it’s also about managing introverts more effectively.

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