Is being an introvert positive or negative?

Last updated Jul 25, 2022 | Being introverted

Is being an introvert positive or negative?

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Is being an introvert positive or negative? It’s an odd, but common question. It’s similar to the other common question what are the negative traits of introverts. The many myths about introversion show how many people see introversion negatively. The simple answer is that being an introvert is both positive, negative and neither.

It is important to accept being introverted (or not) and understand your skill set. A much better question is how does it facilitate or block communication between people, and how can you be successful on your terms?

Negative traits of introverts.

There are many ways some people think negatively about introverts, although they’re not all true. Worse is when introverts believe these negative traits about themselves! If you accept a negative label and live down to it, you are doing yourself down. If you take the same label and use it as part of a quick diagnosis and then move beyond it – the label was useful.

The following  are often cited as the negative point about introverts. Introverts:

These are not negative points about introverts, unless you choose to allow them to be problems

Positive traits of introverts

On asking over 200 people what they think are the positives of introversion, these are the most commonly cited. Some of the points are also true of some extroverts, and some introverts don’t display all these points.

Introverts are:

  • good listeners. We can all improve our listening skills, but more introverts are cited as a being good listeners that extroverts.
  • think before they speak. Both introverts and extroverts can think clearly, although external processing can be harder to listen to, and being more reflective means introverts tend to think before speaking.
  • thoughtful networkers: The general model of networking seems to be know many people and greet them loudly, successful networking involves more thought and focus.
  • compassionate leaders: A leader focuses on vision, inspiring the team and is good at allowing the team to take credit. What else would you add to a definition of good leader?

Introvert meaning.

This article didn’t set out to provide a definition of introversion, or talk about the extrovert bias in business, but in by highlighting many of perceived positives and negatives of introversion, it is all about the perceived introvert meaning.

Is introvert positive or negative?

Is introversion positive or negative? It’s both and neither. More importantly consider how we understand and communicate especially with those who have different communication preferences.

Being introverted does not mean you are deep or thoughtful (although many introverts are). Being an extravert does not make you a great leader or mean you have a big ego.  Human personality is complex, we all need to get better at looking beyond any labels (which may have some uses, but have many drawbacks).

By understanding the individuals you can get the best out of them — and yourself.

What matters is not extraversion or introversion — but what we do with it. What will you do with your unique skills to help others do more with theirs?

TLDR: Is being an introvert positive or negative?

There are many negative traits about being an introvert, and many positive traits too. On balance being an introvert positive is both positive, negative and neither.

The issue is often more about how people see introversion. If a leader sees introversion as a negative thing, they are unlikely to get the best performance from their whole team.

If an introvert sees their own traits as negative they are unlikely to be as fulfilled as they could be.

Understanding the positive and negative traits of introversion will help you to drive performance, whether your own, or other people's. This article will help you do that.

What matters is not extraversion or introversion — but what we do with it. What will you do with your unique skills to help others do more with theirs?

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