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Tag: Managing staff
Social skills and introvert myths

Big Brain, Little Brain and introversion

Introvert myth of the week: Introversion is about not liking people. Tip of the week: Remote working might not deliver everything introverts need (or extroverts). Click here to read more on this A discussion with Kevin T McCarney. Kevin owns and runs a chain of...
Social skills and introvert myths

A CEO perspective on Introversion

Leadership tip of the week: Consistency is important A discussion with Amie Thompson. Amie is the CEO of creative allies, based in North Carolina USA. Contact Amie at Creativeallies.com Question of the week: What’s the history of introversion Introvert myth of the...
Social skills and introvert myths

Spotting and supporting introverts

Introvert myth of the week: Introverts are easy to spot, my friends don’t think I intro because…..(insert odd reason of your choice). You may also like to read “Spotting an introvert hiding in plain sight” Tip of the week: Considering aloneliness....

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