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Tag: Managing staff
Is it work, or a cheese and wine event?

Is it work, or a cheese and wine event?

Where is the boundary between work and socialising? A discussion with Naren Batjargal: Naren is the co-Founder and COO of Erxes Inc. Erxes is an open-source marketing platform, think like Hubspot and Intercom. Naren’s company is based in Mongolia, so we can talk about...
Is it work, or a cheese and wine event?

Breathing, introverts & world introvert day

In the news: Sharks in swimming pools and overdue library books A discussion with Tracey Howes: Tracey is an Advanced Oxygen Advantage Instructor and freediver, that underwater world is how we got talking. She incorporates scientifically proven breathwork techniques...
Is it work, or a cheese and wine event?

Do introverts like being around people

Do introverts like being around people? Your team’s belonging and security A discussion with Leon Bamforth: Leon is an award winning speaker, consultant and mediator. He helps Leaders build connected teams that share visions and avoid nightmares. Contact Leon at...
Is it work, or a cheese and wine event?

Parties, introverts and culture

Christmas parties, role models and an extrovert bias. A discussion with Ben Drury:  Ben, also known as the culture guy, challenges extraordinary leaders to create cult-like businesses and make workplaces awesome. He also was one of the co-authors on The Business of...
Is it work, or a cheese and wine event?

Introverts humour and feedback

Giving feedback: As a manager you probably have to do it, but many of us do it badly and with no permission. How might you consider introverts when giving feedback? A discussion with Jeremy Nicholas: Jeremy is a humour Coach and Speaker Mentor; he’s also one of the...

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