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Tag: communication
Introversion and shyness

Introversion and shyness

Leadership tip of the week: Helping people engage in smalltalk, so you can communicate more effectively with them A discussion with : Nadia Finer. Nadia is an expert in shyness, she has written 2 books on the subject and gives shy people a voice, helping people,...
Introversion and shyness

The high functioning introvert

Leadership tip of the week: Understanding understatement A discussion with Chris Budd. Chris is one of the UK’s experts on employee ownership. He also writes books on money, unhappiness, employee ownership as well as novels. Contact Chris at Theeternalbusiness.com...
Introversion and shyness

Big Brain, Little Brain and introversion

Introvert myth of the week: Introversion is about not liking people. Tip of the week: Remote working might not deliver everything introverts need (or extroverts). Click here to read more on this A discussion with Kevin T McCarney. Kevin owns and runs a chain of...
Introversion and shyness

Introverts and burnout

Introvert myth of the week: Introverts suffer burnout more readily Tip of the week: Structuring tasks Question of the week: Are introverts less confident than extroverts? A discussion with Vic O’Farrell. Vic, known as the queen of behaviours makes the workplace work...
Introversion and shyness

Flexibly returning to work

Leadership tip of the week: Introverts don’t need to be managed differently to everybody else. Everybody needs to be managed in the right way for them. Read more here A discussion with Heidi Skirrow. Heidi is a specialist in outsourced HR and Employment Law for SMEs,...

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