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Tag: Manage introvert

How to best manage an introvert? Extroverts often manage introvert(s) assuming they are similar to themselves, this doesn’t get the best results.

The cost of staff turnover

The cost of staff turnover

Of course you know that staff turnover costs money, you’re a leader, you’re an HR expert and it’s what you focus on? But are you missing something when it comes to staff turnover? The resignation shock One of my friends was shocked yesterday, one of her staff left....
Unlocking the power of teams

Unlocking the power of teams

Introvert myth of the week: Introverts are rude Tip of the week: Getting your quieter team members into the chat A discussion with Yvonne Guérineau the Human Alchemist Yvonne helps progressive leaders develop positive relationships and powerful teams through self...
Business society’s extrovert bias

Business society’s extrovert bias

Western (business) society seems to be built in a way that values leadership where charisma, overt confidence and dominance are evident. What’s more business seems to be structured around an extrovert success model: Networking is important, where networking often...

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