Introverts, marketing and friends.

Activate Your Introvert. The weekly radio show for intropreneurs and leaders to improve business productivity, by a better of understanding introversion. Press play below. Approx. duration 20 minutes.

Introverts, marketing and friends.

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  • Introvert myth of the week: Introverts don’t like to talk. Well, that’s just not true. Introverts do love to talk, get them on a subject they like, in a setting where they think it’s worth talking about…….and they won’t shut up.
  • Leadership tip of the week: What are you doing about returning to work? Will it be like “Workplace the reunion, the one where everybody got back together again” (yes, I’ve been watching Friends this week)?  Here’s some ideas based on 2 surveys. Read more here
  • A discussion with Simon Badman. Simon is digital Social Media Trainer & Specialist, contact Simon on LinkedIn at One odd thing I didn’t expect in the discussion was all about Mr. Miyagi from karate kid. You’ll have to find out why he cropped up.

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Activate Your Introvert

A weekly radio show for introverts and those who manage or lead introverts. Examining, by interviewing different subject experts, how to improve the performance of introverts in business. It’s not just a show for introverts, it’s also about managing introverts more effectively.

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